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ROHD Crew AA meets on Zoom on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm CDT.


24 Hour Marathon Meetings

Online meetings available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

International Marathon Meeting 750583

Lost & Found AA Marathon 782203

Women's International Marathon Billw

Other Special Interest Meetings

Birds of a Feather International (Pilots)

IDAA: International Doctors in AA

ILAA: International Lawyers in AA

International Online AA Meetings for the Deaf

NAIGSO-AA: Native American Indian GSO

12 Questions - Interview an Alcoholic

Interview questions used to illuminate what one member did when taking the twelve steps. One question for each step.

12 Questions

Making The Transition Back to F2F

The discussions are beginning regarding considerations of health safety, anonymity, and legal liabilities. Here are links to these results as they are reported to us.

New Mexico Area 46 AA Workshop

Zoom Meetings and Anonymity

Be mindful of the implications Zoom meetings place on your anonymity. Understand that your full face image and your personal phone number could be displayed and recorded unless you take specific steps to avoid it. Please review relevant documents provided by AA World Services and be informed.

Anonymity Card

Anonymity Online and Digital Media

AA Traditions and the Internet

Zoom Updates

The Zoom Blog will keep you updated on the latest news and changes from the Zoom platform.

details from zoom blog

Add Your Zoom Meeting

If you want your online meeting listed here send us the details with your contact information. No charge.

add your online meeting

Set Up Your Meeting

If you want help setting up your online meeting send us the details with your contact information. Include your phone number. No charge.

set up your online meeting

Additional Information from GSO

The AA General Service Office in New York continues to provide guidance regarding the use of online meetings.

The AA Group

AA's Future in the Modern World

AA Guidelines for Public Media

7th Tradition Concerns

Safety and AA Flyer

Updates on COVID-19

Area Websites for US & Canada


To help members during the current health crisis, Grapevine is giving everyone free access to all 2020 Grapevine and La Viña issues.

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