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Big Book Preface & Forewords (4th Edition)

Preface (xi)

Foreword To First Edition (1939) (xiii)

Foreword To Second Edition (1955) (xv)

Foreword To Third Edition (1976) (xxii)

Foreword To Fourth Edition (2001) (xxiii)

Big Book Basic Text (4th Edition)

Table of Contents (v)

The Doctor's Opinion (xxv)

Chapter 1 Bill's Story (1)

Chapter 2 There Is A Solution (17)

Chapter 3 More About Alcoholism (30)

Chapter 4 We Agnostics (44)

Chapter 5 How It Works (58)

Chapter 6 Into Action (72)

Chapter 7 Working With Others (89)

Chapter 8 To Wives (104)

Chapter 9 The Family Afterward (122)

Chapter 10 To Employers (136)

Chapter 11 A Vision For You (151)

Appendix I The AA Tradition (561)

Appendix II Spiritual Experience (567)

Appendix III The Medical View On AA (569)

Big Book Personal Stories (4th Edition)

Part I Pioneers of AA (170)

Part II They Stopped in Time (280)

Part III They Lost Nearly All (435)

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Tradition Two (132)

Tradition Three (139)

Tradition Four (146)

Tradition Five (150)

Tradition Six (155)

Tradition Seven (160)

Tradition Eight (166)

Tradition Nine (172)

Tradition Ten (176)

Tradition Eleven (180)

Tradition Twelve (184)

Other AA Literature

A Member's-Eye View of AA

Anonymity in the Digital Age

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Area 16: Georgia

Area 17: Hawaii

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Area 56: Southwest Ohio

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Area 58: Oregon

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Area 69: Utah

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Area 71: Virginia

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Area 75: Southern Wisconsin

Area 76: Wyoming

Area 77: Puerto Rico

Area 92: Washington State East

Area 93: Central California

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Area 79: British Columbia & Yukon

Area 80: Manitoba

Area 81: New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island

Area 82: Nova Scotia & Newfoundland & Labrador

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Available as eBooks

Many of the popular hard copy books published by A.A. World Services are now available as eBooks in the Kindle, Nook, or Apple format.

AAWS eBook publishing program


Often referred to as our "meeting in print," the AA Grapevine communicates the experience, strength, and hope of its contributors and reflects a broad geographic spectrum of current AA experience with recovery, unity, and service.

Grapevine & La Viña

Emotional Sobriety - Bill W - January 1958

Interview - Paul O - July 1995

Learning To Fly - Sybil C - February 1992

Legacy of Recovery - Bill W - March 1971

Other Sources

Many meetings use literature from other sources. Here are links to some of these.

24 Hours A Day - Hazelden

Drop The Rock - Hazelden

Each Day A New Beginning - Hazelden

Touchstones - Hazelden

Individual Research

A collection of articles about early AA and early AA members.

AA History -

Doc John - Coincidences

Dr Bob - Dr Bobs Farewell Talk

Ebby T - The Man Who Carried The Message To Bill W

Sybil C - First Woman in AA West of the Mississippi

Interesting Finds

We have found recovery stuff from all over. Here are links to some of these.

Chuck C Tapes - A New Pair of Glasses - Recovery Audio

Joe & Charlie Tapes - Big Book Interpretation - Recovery Audio

Recovery Games - Word Mint

The Power of Creation - James Webb Telescope

Related Research

Over the years much has been done that may clarify some of the understandings of 1939.

Animal Economics - Oxford University Press

Contempt prior to investigation quote - Wikipedia

Emmanuel Movement - Religion Plus Psychotherapy

Forgiveness Math - Discover Magazine

Moral Psychology - Stanford

Moral Psychology - Wikipedia

Saint Francis Prayer - Wikipedia

Serenity Prayer - Wikipedia

Seven Deadly Sins - Britannica

The Four Absolutes - Oxford Group Philosophy

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Washingtonian Movement - Organization And Procedure

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